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Two Game Reviews / Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and Aragami / Should You Play Them?

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Today we have two game reviews, Aragami and Wolves: Vikings of Midgard.

Last night I was still feeling a little sick and not doing anything.  I also had to do my weekly infusion which makes me sit in place for 4 hours.  

I decide I was going to play a game I knew very little about.  I lost interest in that game relatively quickly and moved on to another game I knew very little about.  Thus, we have two game reviews today.  

While one of these games I lost interest in, and one of these games is great, don’t forget to check out the great games we choose for this weeks PC Game Deals.

vikings wolvs of midgard
Metacritic 67% / Steam Mixed

I loaded Vikings: Wolves of Midgard with anticipation.  I hadn’t looked up reviews on either of these games before I loaded them.

In the case of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, I actually bought it on Fanatical for one dollar.  I already owned Aragami but have never played it.

Upon getting into Vikings: Wolves of Midgard I wasn’t overly impressed with the graphics.  They weren’t bad, nut they weren’t good either,. just mediocre.  That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, but I was left wanting a little bit more.

Vikings is a Diablo style game, and I can say the graphics were a bit better than Diablo 3.  

The game starts slow.  You get into little squabbles with other creatures.  As you progress you will eventually be fighting large mythological creatures.

Instead of experience coming from your combat directly, it comes from Blood Orbs you pick up along your way.  

Most of the objects in the game are breakable.  You actually want to break them, because you gather crafting materials from them.  

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard has cool ideas, and is not a horrific game.  It however did not keep my interest for very long.  Like it’s graphics, the gameplay feels mediocre.

Before writing this review I looked at a couple other reviews on this game and boy are they mixed.  People either love this game, or like me find it mediocre at best.  I may give it a chance at another time, but I’m not in a hurry.

It took less than two hours before I felt bored.  That being said, is it worth buying for $1?  Probably.  As I said, some people love this game.  I’d recommend buying it, not because I loved it, but because you might.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is a solid 3 out of 5.  Others may rank it higher, but I wasn’t impressed.



After I got bored with Vikings: Wolves of Midgard I decided to load up Aragami.  The difference in the amount of fun I had was like night and day.

Aragami does not necessarily have the highest quality graphics, but because of the unique style of the game, they work.  The graphics kind of remind my of Spawn in a way.

Aragami is a stealth game.  In fact, your goal is to never be seen at all.  Less than 30 seconds after being seen, you will be dead and have to start at the prior checkpoint.

While Aragami presents itself as an action stealth game, it is also a puzzle game, but not in the traditional sense.  You have to really strategize to figure out how to get to your goal without being seen, or dying from environment.

Your goal is to stay in the shadows, and you do have powers to help you do that.  In the beginning of the game you can warp from one shadow to another.  Then you develop a power that you can make shadows in areas of light.  Soon after you rescue a bird that will help show you where all of your enemies are.  There are more powers than that, but that is as far as I got (I died, a lot).

The story in Aragami doesn’t seem to be the strongest, or a highly prominent part of the game, but that may change since I am only two hours in.

Aragami is a unique concept like no other game I’ve ever played, and it is a mixed bag of a ton of fun and frustration.  

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aragami to anyone.  If I complete it, it may go on my top games played list for 2022.  

The best deal on Aragami right now is on Fanatical for $16.88, or Kinguin for $3.03 if you don’t mind using key resellers.

My advice is to wait.  Aragami often goes into Fanatical’s bundles for a relatively low price (like $3).  I will be keeping an eye out for it to put as a recommended game since I know it’s a winner.  If you follow the blog, you will see the next time it’s on a good sale.

Aragami is a solid 4.6 out of 5!  Highly recommended to everyone.  

It’s also important to note Aragami 2 is on Gamepass, though I’ve heard the two games are quite different.  Maybe I’ll try it next!

Two Game Reviews Summary

Those are my reviews of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and Aragami.  

I highly recommend getting Aragami, but watch the blog for the best deal.  The easiest way is to subscribe to our email list, of follow us on Facebook.  

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