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Up Your Gaming With One Accessory, An MMO Mouse

  • Dink 

An MMO mouse can be used to improve your gaming and productivity.  While originally designed for MMO players, it can improve almost everything you do on a PC.

What exactly is an MMO Mouse?

If you are new to gaming, or don’t game at all, you may not be familiar with an MMO mouse. 

An MMO mouse, also referred to as a MOBA mouse, is a mouse that has extra buttons on the side that you can access with your thumb.  Typically between 9-12 thumb buttons, though some mice with only 6 are also referred to as MMO mice.


MMO Mouse Uses

An MMO mouse has several uses and can enhance many aspects of using your PC for gaming or otherwise.

MMO's or MOBA's

This is the obvious use case.


The MMO mouse was developed for MMO or MOBA players that often have multiple actions that require their number keys to activate.  By putting the number pad on the mouse, they no longer had to look at their keyboard, or take their fingers off of their movement keys, to complete actions.

Non-MMO Games

I have always been a controller style gamer, which has some advantages, but a lot of disadvantages.  The main advantage is you can easily access all of your buttons without looking at your controller.

The MMO mouse changes the game by allowing your to use a keyboard and mouse without ever looking at your keyboard.  You can program your side buttons to do the actions you need in game, and then use your Keyboard for movement only.

The first use case I used this for was Overwatch.  While Overwatch doesn’t have a lot of keyboard commands, it has enough where I would occasionally find myself looking at my keyboard because i missed a command.

With the MMO mouse I programmed all of my commands to the 3-6-9-12 buttons and then could easily operate with never moving my fingers off of the movement keys.

Another use case, almost any RTS game.  In most RTS games you can assign groups of troops to number keys.  I think the first RTS game I used my mouse for was Starcraft 2.  

I could assign troops and then easily switch to then with my mouse without having to look at my keyboard.

In shooters, the MMO mouse easily allows you to switch to any of your weapons without looking at your keyboard.

There are hundreds of other use cases in non-MMO gaming.  You can also program the buttons on the mouse to emulate different keys on the keyboard so you can use them to improve gameplay in almost any game.

The MMO mouse gives you the functionality of the controller, while still being able to have the precision of a mouse.


An MMO mouse improving your experience isn’t limited to gaming.  Say your doing something such as writing a web article, an MMO mouse allows you to assign common functions, such as cut and paste, to the side mouse buttons.

Using an MMO mouse can actually dramatically increase your speed in productivity use cases.  

Other Advantages of an MMO Mouse

Since an MMO mouse is designed to be used for a long time in one setting, they tend to be very ergonomically designed.  

There are thousands of injuries every year from computer overuse.  The ergonomic design of the MMO mouse is designed to help prevent these, and allow you to use your computer for longer time periods.  

If you use your computer regularly, it is important to have an ergonomic mouse and keyboard to prevent overuse injuries.

Which MMO Mouse should I buy?

There are a ton of different MMO mouse’s.  Which one you buy is going depend on your price point and what you are looking for in an MMO Mouse.

I like things to be affordable so I personally use the Red Dragon M908.

It is a ergonomically designed adjustable high DPI mouse with 12 side buttons, and a rapid fire button.  The M908 costs about $30 on Amazon.


For my computer where I use a wireless mouse I use a Red Dragon M913.  It runs about $45.

Both of the MMO Mouse’s are similar, with one being wired and one being wireless. 

If you have more money to spend there are a ton of other MMO mouse’s that are very good, some of which have unique features.  

An Example is the Razr Naga Trinity.  It has interchangable side plates that allow you to change between having 2, 6, or 12 button configurations. 

The Trinity can be found for around $75 on a good sale.  

Logitech also makes MMO mice and I would have no problem recommending any of their models.  

MMO Mouse Conclusion

After reluctantly switching to an MMO mouse, it turns out, I absolutely love the versatility.  At this point, it would be hard for me to function without one. 

If you don’t think you need an MMO mouse, you’d be surprised by how much it will change your gaming and computing experience.

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Dink has been gaming since 1980 and building computers since 1988. He is a large fan of Looter Shooters and narrative story driven games. Dink started the blog in 2021 to help make PC gaming more affordable for everyone.