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Weird Gaming News From February 2022

  • Dink 

Being an avid Youtube watcher, one of my favorite things to watch was Gameranx monthly weird gaming stories videos.  When I created a site, I decided I wanted to share the joy of weird gaming news.  Today we have 5 weird gaming news stories from February 2022.

Weird Gaming News February

People Are Competing the Make the Smallest Ethernet Cable

tiny ethernet cable

I’ve seen a lot of strange internet trends from the ice bucket challenge to naked butts in front of pretty scenery photography.  I still never would have expected this.

Users in the /r/ubiquiti subreddit have been going back and forth to try and make the smallest ethernet cable.  Currently the shorted cable created is 13mm, or half the width of a bottlecap.  

The question is not “Can They Make The Shortest Ethernet Cable?”, it is “Why?”.   


Youtuber Creates Barbie Computer

Shank Mods on Youtube has successful built a high end gaming computer in a Hot Wheels and a Barbie computer from the 90’s.

In 1999 Patriot Computer came out with branded computers for kids using Hot Wheels and Barbie branding.  These systems were horribly designed with a plastic chassis, under powered components, and absolutely no air flow.  It seems like a recipe for a melted plastic blob.

Shank Mods took the chassis managed to get a Ryzen 5950x and a RTX 3060.  Despite the fact they sound like leaf blowers, he managed to get the systems to run cool enough to not damage components or melt the chassis.

Honestly, if I had a chance to get my hands on one of Hot Wheels rigs, I’d probably use it with pride.


Keyboards with Difficulty Sliders

keyboards with difficulty sliders

Foone Turing, also known as Foone on twitter, has a hobby of creating the most difficult keyboards imaginable.  It’s not all that surprising being that this is the same person who manages to use a pregnancy test as a display output for Doom.

Foone produced everything from a computer keyboard that needs to be toggled with binary to a keyboard that’s GPS based.  They even created one that requires you to insert a floppy disk for every letter.

Again, the question is not “Can I do it?” but instead, “Why?”.



Twitch Streamer Punished For Reporting Fraud

twitch fraud

Verloren, a Minecraft streamer, received a donation of 120,000 bits in December (about $1200).  At first he was excited, but then realized it may be fraudulent or a 15 year old using their parents credit card.

He did the right thing and reported the activity to Twitch.  Twitch said no further action was required.  Being cautious, Verloren asked Twitch, “Could I get some kind of confirmation or at least remove all the Bits from this payout until further notice?”

In January Twitch confirmed the transaction as fraudulent and then flagged his account for engaging in conduct against the terms of service.  What?  

Due to this, Verloren was not able to receive bits, access leaderboards, or receive gifted subs.  This took a tole on his income.

While his account has now been restored after 2 months of back and forth service, it makes you wonder, does Twitch support fraud?  If it’s against the terms of service to report fraud, they must support fraud.



VR Causing Rise In Insurance Claims

broken tv

This gives me memories of accidently throw my Wii mote through my living room window.  

A UK insurance company,  Aviva asserts, has reported a 31% increase in home content claims in 2021 related to VR headsets.  Most of these were a destroyed TV or some other valuable object near the play area.

I can say with confidence, Beat Saber is worth the occasional broken window.  It goes to show, history does in fact repeat itself!


Weird Gaming News February Conclusion

That’s our list of weird gaming news stories in February.  What did you think of the list?  Do you know any weird news stories that we didn’t include?   Let us know in the comments below!


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Dink has been gaming since 1980 and building computers since 1988. He is a large fan of Looter Shooters and narrative story driven games. Dink started the blog in 2021 to help make PC gaming more affordable for everyone.