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5 Weirdest Gaming News Stories for December 2021

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weirdest gaming news

Today we are going to go over the weirdest gaming news from December 2021.  With all of the holiday gaming deals lately, some of the other focus on gaming has been lost.  Luckily most of the holiday deals we posted from December 17th to December 29th at still available.

With the majority of the deals staying the same, today we are going to dive into the gaming news of the weird.  

This Month's Weirdest Gaming News

5. Microsoft Celebrates Failure

red ring of death

Microsoft loves to celebrate their failures.  Not that long ago, Microsoft was showing of the denial letter from Nintendo from when they tried to partner with Nintendo to build consoles.  Nintendo was having none of that.

Now they have released a $25 red ring of death poster to celebrate their greatest failure.  

For those of us who are old enough to have gotten the original Xbox 360, we are all familiar with the red ring of death.  That moment when you went to turn on your Xbox 360 and all of the sudden all it did was flash a red ring at you.

At least Microsoft likes to have a little bit of fun with their failures.  I wonder how long it will be until we get a Windows 11 poster.

4. People are Modding Cyberpunk to Have Sex with Keanu Reeves.

cyberpunk 2077 keanu reeves

This is not exactly a new story, but it is definitely one of the weirdest gaming news stories.

Now for some background, people have been trying to mod Cyberpunk 2077 so that you could have sex with Keanu Reeves since the game was released.  CD Project Red has been continuously shutting the mods down.   

With the Matrix Resurrections coming out, people finally posed the question to Reeves asking how he felt about people trying to make the sex mods for the game.  It turns out he is the nicest guy in Hollywood.  

Reeves response, “Yes!  Oh my god!  It’s always nice when it’s nice.” and “Think about how much money is porn, right?”.  

It seems Reeves doesn’t mind having his body exploited in Cyberpunk.  Now if only CDPR didn’t.

3. Braincells in a Petri dish perform better than AI.

petri dish

Another one of the weirdest gaming news stories, a lab in Australia is growing human brain cells in a petri dish and teaching them pong.

I know all of us would like to see better AI all the way around.  I’m not sure this is necessarily the way to go about it.

Apparently, the dish brain system as their calling it, can learn pong in 5 minutes.  That may sound slow, but typical AI’s take 90 minutes to learn pong.  

If you want to read more about the Dish Brain system, you can do so here.

2. Blizzard Battles Fox Over a Cartoon Dog Named Diablo

diable ii

This is some weird gaming news, not just because of the content, but because you think Blizzard would have … other priorities to focus on right now.

Fox named a dog in its new show Housebroken Diablo.  While this in itself probably would not have set Blizzard Off, Fox also decided to create merch featuring Diablo.  In doing so Fox tried to register the Diablo trademark for promoting Housebroken.

Now, in case you don’t know, Blizzard already had a Diablo trademark for well, Diablo, the video game.  Blizzard for some reason thinks you may confuse the dog with the video game.

Maybe because they’ve been focusing on this kind of stupidity, and not improving their workplace, is why they have so many problems right now. 

1. Argument over Diablo Loot Ends in Fatal Shooting

skull and crossbones

Our weirdest gaming news today also involves Diablo.  A friend of 26 years shot another friend after a dispute of Diablo 2 Loot.

Joshua Spellman and Andrew Dickson had been friends since Childhood, 26 years.  

They were playing Diablo 2 together in separate buildings located on the same property on December 17th.  They were using headsets to communicate.

During the gaming session a random person entered their game, stole a rare piece of loot, and peaced out.  This made Dickson go into a rage.

Allegedly, Spellman told Dickson to calm down or he was going to shoot him and once they were in the same place, he did.  

You can get the full story here.  Those are the highlights.  

If you happen to be in a co-op game with a long-time friend and go into a rage, please put the guns away.

Summary of Weirdest Gaming News

It’s always fun to sift through all the gaming news and find the weirdest gaming news available.  Much of it can be pretty funny, though todays ended in a major tragedy.


We will be back Monday with some gaming deals.  


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