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Why The 6500XT Is Not A Bad Idea

  • Dink 
why the amd 6500 isnt a bad idea

If you’ve read any articles about the 6500xt, I am sure it has been negative.  I want to look at the reasons why the Radeon 6500xt is a positive thing.

I’ve read the reviews and seen the specs just like everyone else.  I am not going to say that the 6500xt is a great graphics card, but there are definitely some good reasons for it to exist.  

Why The 6500XT Is Not A Bad Idea

Many Can't Even Get a Graphics Card

With graphics card prices for the last year, many can’t even get a graphics card, much less a modern graphics card.

Many are comparing it to the graphics cards from 4 years ago.  After all, it performs about the same as a 4 years old graphics card.  Here’s the thing though, graphics cards for 4 years ago cost more than the Radeon 6500xt both new and used.

I was in a microcenter yesterday.  They are selling new 1050ti’s and rx560’s at a higher price than the 6500xt, and both have lower performance.

I just did a quick search on Ebay, and the rx560 is going for $209 while the 1050ti is going as high as $279.  

You can do better than both of these by buying a new ATI 6500XT.

Putting the pricing into prospective the 6500xt is not a bad idea, at least, not for some people.

Who The 6500XT is Good For

The 6500XT is not good if you are trying to update your graphics card if you have a GTX970 (or better) or a Radeon 470 (or better).  It will give you a slight upgrade, but you are probably better off waiting until prices come down.

That being said, if you have a computer that’s a couple years old, and your integrated graphics are from Ryzen, the 6500XT is a great idea.

If your graphics card dies, and you don’t have a lot of money, but love your gaming, the 6500XT is a great idea.

No, it’s not really capable of the newest things, like Ray Tracing (it can do it, but the games are unplayable), but it is a functional 1080P graphics card that will be able to game most games on medium to high settings.  

For some, that is worth it’s weight in gold, and they deserve to have that option.

6500XT Wasn't The Best Name Choice

I’ve seen this thrown around on a couple of comments sections, and I agree.  The 6500XT wouldn’t have gotten near as many negative reviews if they had named it better.  Maybe the Rx6400 or the Rx6500 Light (maybe make one with 8GB and call it the XT).

Just because is has a bad name, doesn’t make it a bad card. It will be a great card for some, and a horrible option for others.  I personally run 4 gaming rigs ranging from decent to barebones budget.  For my lower specs systems, the RX6500xt is not a bad idea.   If it can even give me performance of a 1050ti it’s much better than I’m running now in one of my systems.  

The 6500XT would probably be a great card for an Office PC.  It doesn’t cost that much more than a GT1030 and it has much better performance as long as you aren’t doing video editing with it (do not try video editing with it, it’s a bad idea).


Does Anyone Think the RX6500XT is Good?

I didn’t think there were any positive reviews for this card out there.  Then, last night, I was watching some videos on Youtube and found this review of the RX6500xt.  It contains good benchmarks, and comparisons.  

I was surprised to see that someone else agreed with most of my viewpoints on this card.  You can watch the video review below.



The 6500xt Is Not A Bad Idea Summary

So is the 6500XT a good card?  It really depends on your use case, and what style of gaming you do.  The biggest negative is that it is not that future proof.

Personally, I think ATI did a us a huge favor by releasing the 6500XT.  Without a card like the 6500Xt, those who really want a graphics card will overspend and get a higher end graphics card.  This increases the shortage and makes it even harder for those who need the higher end graphics card to get one.

Instead of hating on ATI, I think we need to look at it from the prospective of the situation that has been happening.  ATI did us a favor, even if the 6500xt is not the graphics card for us.  Just because it doesn’t fit your use case, doesn’t mean that the 6500xt is not a bad idea.

With all the hate and negativity, if this situation were to happen again, ATI may choose not to do something to give people an option.  Is that what we really want?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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