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Zombie Army 4 And Five Other Weekend PC Game Deals

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zombie army 4 2

This weekends PC game deals include Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Cloudpunk, Moonlighter, and more.  Let’s dive in and take a look at the games

PC Game Deals This Weekend

zombie army 4
MC 74% / Steam Very Positive

What do you get when you mix Left For Dead and Wolfenstein?  A co-op zombie shooter with an absurd story called Zombie Army 4: Dead War.


While I don’t enough Zombie Army 4 as much as Dying Light or State of Decay 2, it does earn a solid 3rd place in my love for Zombie games.


While at first it seems like you just run around and shoot zombies, there is actually a strategy involved to be successful in Zombie Army 4.  You can get health boosts by pulling off a close kill, or power-ups by getting a certain number of kills in repetition. 


Similar to in Doom you can often recover ammo or grenades by stomping Zombies after the are down.


I’ve saved myself from death multiple times with some close kills for health, and some stomps to refill my munitions.  


Zombie Army is a fun romp through out it’s 8 hourish playthrough.  While single player is fun, the game gets so much better once you are in 3-4 player co-op.


As long as the sight of Zombies doesn’t give you nightmares, I highly recommend Zombie Army 4 to quench that Zombie Killing urge.  If you have Ultimate Game Pass you can try before you buy.  


MC 79% / Steam Mostly Positive

While Prototype is an older game, I still enjoy playing through it.  The graphics are a bit dated (think Xbox 360 times) but in no way horrible.

Prototype is an open world game in which you, Alex Mercer, a man who has lost his memory, woke up in a morgue, and has superhuman abilities.

In Prototype you can go anywhere and do almost anything.  It is very much a heavily action orientated Sandbox.  

You have powers such as absorbing others and taking their likeness to blend into a crowd or crushing an innocent to get a health boost.  

As you progress through the game you get more superhuman powers.  Prototype even goes into Just Cause territory with a whip arm that you can use to pull down choppers.

With continuous action throughout the 11-12 hour Playtime, Prototype is a real blast and a great way to kill some time.  

One great thing about Prototype?  It will easily run on older systems.  I’ve played it multiple times on my 6 year old Laptop when going out of town.

wizard bros
MC NA / Steam Positive

Wizard Bros is a local co-op brawler that is currently in early access.  It does require friends to play as there is no single player mode.  You can play either as local co-op or through Steam Remote Play.

Wizard Bros is similar to something like Brawlhalla or Smash Bros with some unique elements added to the gameplay.

The first element is it uses Ragdoll physics, and they take a while to get used to.  It adds a level of complication to the brawling.

The second is how you win a match.  To win you have collect and take three keys to a portal.  The keys are stored in ice blocks.  You have to find a log that is on fire and hit the ice block with it (or throw it into the ice block).

Once you get a key you can’t pick anything else up, but your opponents can, so they will try to kill you to get your key.

Wizard Bros is a fun little brawler with some unique elements to differentiate it from other brawlers.  

While a single player mode would increase the value of this game, you can’t go wrong buying a fun brawler for the price of a happy meal.  Well, unless you don’t have friends.

MC 74% / Steam Very Positive

Moonlighter is a neat little game that will scratch the same itch as Stardew Valley or Theme Hospital.

There is no farming involved.  Instead, you play as Will and run a shop in the cute little town of Rynoka.

Moonlighter took a lot more management than I originally expected.  You have to set shop prices, control inventory, listen to customer feedback, and set prices accordingly.

At night gates open to different dimensions that you can travel too and go through dungeons.  You have